48 Hours of Silence

12509028_907470356032742_1839355349849806538_n (1)We live in a world of noise and it felt good to let the world be silent for 48 hours.

This movement appealed to me as my profession is in Digital Marketing so I am always online and always on some kind of social media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram… either for clients or for myself.

I was getting in the habit of checking my phone all the time and so much of my time was taken up with scrolling through other people’s stories, memes, videos etc. So many distractions and so many reasons to procrastinate….

So on Friday at 11.30pm (I found out late) I deleted all my social media apps and spent the next 48 hours noise free. Honestly it felt strange and just out of habit I checked my phone a few times but it enabled me to go out for breakfast with my journal and a magazine.

I was able to curl up with music and a book, give my full attention to the people and animals in my house, loose any unwanted judgemental thoughts that can sometimes creep up as you look at other people’s posts. I was able to appreciate myself without any external validation and stay focused on what I was doing.

I started scrapbooking and enjoyed a conversation with a friend who told me about her day, which normally I would have known about from her social posts. I didn’t spend half an hour choosing a filter for Instagram, checking Facebook for likes after I posted, I was completely present whenever I ate and I got shit done.

This was a really great experiment and after logging back on this morning I realised I really didn’t miss that much. It is nice to be connected back to the world again but its even more important to stay connected to the things that matter …. offline.

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