Soul Singing Self-Love

“A strong positive self-image is the best possible preparation for a successful life”  – Dr Joyce Brothers

So I have just completed a 31 day self-love challenge and can honestly say I feel pretty darn good. There are many different ways to define and practice self-love; for me it’s doing something that honours my mind and body and makes my soul sing. It’s a practice that has become a routine, formed into a habit and became integrated into my everyday life.

I started this challenge, after something unexpected happened which left me feeling very emotionally exhausted and a little uncertain. Scrolling through countless websites, I came across this gem; 31 Days of Self-Love , signed the pledge and committed to honouring my body, mind and soul for the next 31 days.

IMG_20141109_162817Starting the first day of my challenge on a weekend, I woke up with a list of self-love ideas running through my mind. The first one: Get moving, get those endorphins going; so I took off on my morning run around the river in the beautiful sunshine. As my feet pounded the pavement I felt the endorphins slowly filling my body.

The next few days were completely blissfull. I enlightened my mind with a variety of health and wellness articles (one of my favourites was from Mind, Body, Green) and then spent my evenings filling my soul, whether it be a longer walk home, a yoga class or a face mask, each day was a focus on something that would make my soul sing.

I ended each day tucked up in bed and wrote in my journal, always finishing my entry with 5 attributes I loved about myself. Listing these would leave me feeling warm and fuzzy which I would then continue on by listing all that I was grateful for. I would fall asleep every night, with a happy heart.

There was a hot yoga class down the road which I started to participate in twice a week. In one of my practices I had the most enlightening experience. During my class, I was drenched in sweat and trying to hold a difficult pose when I felt this release of emotions pour out of me, emotions that had been held deep within, and as I drove home that night I felt free, happy and cleansed.

There were some days where I felt like I needed an extra dose of self-love so I would listen to my meditation twice, letting the words soak into my soul or I would do an RPM class on my lunch break and then end my days releasing it all in my hot yoga class. Throughout those 31 days, I made sure I did one thing that I loved every day.

The challenge finished a week ago but my mind is now programmed to generate love for myself every single day and has become part of my daily routine. When I wake up, in the shower or walking to walk, my mind is automatically telling me how successful or how happy I am and it’s a very good feeling.

What I learned throughout these 31 days is how caring about YOU and drenching yourself in self-love can completely change your mindset. It can change how you see yourself and how you feel about yourself. I am so grateful I came across that website because I have gone through a big transformation in the last month and now so can YOU!

So … what makes your soul sing?

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