Your journey starts with YOU

1496275_10153631545959690_6661130006385673605_oAs I write, my fingers flick over the keyboard knowing exactly what I want to say and exactly why I am writing. I want to write about the personal journey we embark on as we travel through life. Our own personal journey, each and every one of us.

As the years go on and I get older, I also get wiser and realise that whatever is going on in our lives is a reflection of us. It’s a reflection of our thoughts, our desires and our beliefs. Our life right now has been manifested by … ourselves.

“The only journey is the journey within”

I have been meaning to write for quite a while now. Writing is what I love and I haven’t given myself that luxury. My focus has been on my freelancing business and my full-time job . Every day for the past few months this one blog title would linger on my mind and I would make a mental note to sit down and write about it. Finally that day has come.

I read a really great book lately ‘The only way out is within’ by Rohini Singhand. It was full enlightenment, inspiration and explained some of the reasons how our behaviours are conditioned when we are younger. It talked about, how the only way you can find contentment and peace is by going within yourself and healing those wounds that stop us living the best versions of our lives and being the best version of ourselves.

It spoke about how you have to love yourself first before someone else can love you (that cliché saying that almost anyone who has found love knows) and finally it explained how the people who come into your life are actually mirrors of you. That these people can show you the best parts of yourself and the parts that are challenging. The challenging parts are the most important parts as they are the ones that teach us the most. To let down those barriers to love, to heal those wounds and to face those fears.

Throughout my own experiences and a topic in one of my blog posts, it really comes down to loving yourself. To appreciating every ounce of your being. To how you treat yourself and how much you believe in yourself. As life goes on, experiences come and go and you grow, you learn that everything is a reflection of YOU.

I am still on that journey (and will forever will be) but I have learnt that everything starts and ends with ME. Who I attract into my life, who I give my energy too and my own personal experiences. One thing I have learnt is when YOU believe in yourself, your life can’t help but to unfold in ways you never thought possible.

Nay xx

2 thoughts on “Your journey starts with YOU

  1. So well put Naomi, I totally get this! We are forever on this journey, a journey of self discovery. No one else can do it for us, it must come from within.

  2. Gorgeous Naomi it is all so true and that book is fabulous ? And life is too short to worry about petty things and yes you get older and wiser and more beautiful love your journey. xx

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